Has Science disproved the Bible?

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Why should I believe in a God I cannot see?
Is there more to life than this?
Why does God allow suffering?
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What is the meaning of life?
Has Science disproved the Bible?
What is the world coming to?
What is the evidence that the Bible is special?

Does science contradict what the Bible says?

Can we take both science and the Bible seriously?

Many of us think that it's not possible to take science seriously and still believe what the Bible has to say.

Some people believe that scientists have proved that the universe started with a 'Big Bang'. The same people might also think that the Bible contradicts this.

Many people also believe that scientists have proved that all the variety of life evolved. If this is true, then the Bible would be wrong in talking about life having being created.

These are some of the things we are going to think about a little more closely. It will help us find out more about these things if we distinguish between facts and theories.

Comparing the Bible statements with the scientific observations, we will find that:

  • Both suggest the universe had a beginning.
  • And both indicate that life appeared in a complete form.

There is no conflict between scientific facts and what the Bible says.

1. Facts and theories

There's a lot of conflicting information about both science and the Bible. It will help us find the most useful information if we distinguish between two different fundamental ideas. Firstly we need to think about observable facts. Then we need to think about theories.

Observable facts

An observable fact is something that can be proved beyond doubt. These observable facts are tangible, measurable and repeatable. They can be felt through our senses and can be experienced first hand if necessary. Gravity is a good example of an observable fact. We all experience the effects of gravity every day of our lives. Whenever we drop anything it always falls to the ground. Whenever we throw a ball into the air it always falls back to us. Scientists have done experiments and understand gravity enough to launch rockets into space and put satellites into orbit around the earth. So gravity is real and it can be experienced and measured. It is an observable fact.